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TSUKEN ISLAND Product detail


Mostly visited Island near from the main land for silent beach lovers!!!

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Mostly visited Island near from the main land for silent beach lovers!!!
You can also visit the Carrot Island on the east coast of central Japan,which can be visited in just one day.
Tour course information
Adult ¥ 5,800 / child (4 years old ~ elementary school student) ¥ 5,300
  •  Please make sure to fill in the date of birth when you make a reservation.
  •  After confirming your reservation, you will be informed by e-mail.
Places for pick up services
  1. Kenchomae Kenmin Hiroba (7:00)
  2. Omoromachi Station (7:10)
  3. Tourist Information Center {Chatatan(7:30)
  4.  EM Coast Beast (8:00)
The tour will be operated in japanese language only
14:30 return to the port and get in the ship
15:00 ship will depart to the JINO TOUR bus.
15:30 bus will move to the EM Coast Beast,Tourist Information Centre Chatan,Omoromachi Station & Kenchomae Kenmin Hiroba,respectively. 
  •  Bus mouse
  •  Beach fee
  •  Banana boat
  •  Shower use fee
  •  Insurance fee
Doesn’t includes
  • Lunch
  • Hotel
  • Air Shuttle Pickup (please inform at the time of reservation if you need one)
  • However, BBQ can be reserved in advance (1,600 yen per person).
- You must move separately, if you have not paid for pick up services.
- You have to move to the next departure place by your own incase of delay in the recomended departure place.
- Guide is not included.Please refer to the manual in place for additional information.usuage and places.
- If you want to use the pickups, you must go to the riding places individually.
★ If you make a reservation, we will confirm the contents below, agree to all contents, and we will not take any responsibility for the disadvantage caused by the following:
- The tour is not accompanied by guides and interpreters.
- Option is available after paying on the same day. (JPY only)
- In case of cancellation due to bad weather or cancellation due to local circumstances, we will contact you at the time of booking.
- Schedules may differ on local circumstances and traffic conditions on that day.
- Please be aware of the departure time of the port and do not take any responsibility for any disadvantages caused by observing the time.
# Beach use
  • - If you have a tattoo, please refrain from exposure.
  • - The beach is a non-smoking area.
  • - In case of snorkeling, please refrain from safety.
  • - Pets, such as dogs and cats, can not enter.
  • - Sea bathing is prohibited outside the area marked with rope and safety net.
  • - You can not take a bath when the bathing is prohibited.
  • - When accompanied by a child, the guardian must keep an eye on the child.
  • - If you are in good health, please refrain from drinking after drinking.
  • - In case of cash or valuables, please use the coin locker in the shower room. In case of loss or theft, the company will not be responsible for any damage.
  • - You can wear water goggles, but mask type goggles and snorkels are not available.
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