Aonodoukutu BLUE CAVE Snokeling & Easy diving Product detail

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Aonodoukutu BLUE CAVE Snokeling & Easy diving Product detail

Aonodoukutu BLUE CAVE Snokeling & Easy diving 요약정보 및 구매

Moving with a ship, Maeda misaki Blue hole

Time 2 Hours and 30 min.
market price 6,000YEN

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  • Aonodoukutu BLUE CAVE Snokeling & Easy diving (+0Won)
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Moving with a ship, Maeda misaki Blue hole
No1 Diving & Snorkeling point (Free Shower & parking)
Tour course information
14:15, 16:15 : Set option is not available on this time
* If you want to join Easy Diving, You must be able to communicate in English or Japnese
To book
Need name, Age, Sex, Height, Weight, Foot size of all participant
2 Hours and 30 min.
Insurance, Boat boarding, Equipment, Tax 
Doesn’t includes
Swim wear, towel or any personal items.
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When you come to Okinawa, you must to come here!!! The popular point for all the diver in the world.  BLUE CAVE It takes only 10 minutes by boat, even you are weak in boat you could easy join this tour

Inside the blue cave, it`s a mysterious worldThe surface of sea of the blue light is reflected in the cave, beautiful and mysterious sight. How about having a chance to meet the tropical living under the sea inside the blue cave



*Please pay in advance.
*Snorkeling tour is only available for 5-59 years age. Scuba diving tour is only available for 10-59 years age.
*On the swimsuit wear, bath towel, sunscreen, shoes, please bring by yourself.
*Circulatory system, respiratory system disease, high blood pressure, otitis media, pregnant, epilepsy, diabetes, liver failure, hangover, who is like drinking all day, does not offer participation. In addition,due to the health condition of the day, you may not be able to join us for snorkeling.
*At the time of your application, please inform the mobile number(contact possible way from Japan), age, height, weight, foot size, eyesight and most of all where you living;i.e:hotels.guest house,etc.
*The minority need a signature of the guardian to consent. The children under 12 years old have to join the tour with parents.
*There are no pick-up service. Please go to the meeting place by yourself.
*If the waves are calm, it is possible to do snorkeling even raining.
*If the condition is bad the tour may be cancel. You could change to the other date or get all refund.
If, for any reason, the customer cancels his or her reservations, he or she will have to pay the following cancellation fees. Furthermore, please keep in mind that any bank transfer fees will be the customer's responsibility. Cancellation is 8-10 days before reservation date・・・20% of the original price Cancellation is 2-7 days before the reservation date・・・30% of the original price Day before the reservation date・・・40% of the original price On the reservation date・・・100% of the original price After scheduled activities have begun and/or not contacting us at all・・・100% of the original price
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